Couchgram Call and App Lock

Couchgram is a great android application to lock your incoming call, Couchgram Call & App Lock can only block your incoming calls. This app has been in use more than 238 countries and it is also one of the first incoming calls privacy protection app. The official website is this app is available on both Android & iOS platform devices.


Features of Couchgram:

Here is a list of special features for Couchgram for your calls only

  • Call Privacy Mode
  • Chatting service
  • Status bar
  • Emergency contact phone number
  • Chatting service
  • Incoming Call Wallpapers

This app contains ads, if you want to block them you have to upgrade Couchgram Pro subscription Offers in-app purchases. Still, now this app got more than 90k downloads with 4.4 Rating. I have been using it in my Couchgram iPhone, it is really working well for many times it saved me.

Couchgram Call and App Lock:

You can protect all your data like text messages, call logs, images, videos and etc in your Facebook and WhatApp also use your fingerprint to lock your apps. Actually, all mobile are not supported with fingerprint lock this feature is only available in Android 6.0 device with a fingerprint sensor.

If anybody trying to open your Couchgram APP Lock it will take a picture of him and catch him for you. There is also one special feature in this app you can hide the caller ID or his number with your manual settings in this app.

Coming to discuss speed booster,  it can clean cache files or unnecessary data in your mobile and it it will increase your mobile speed with a single tap. You can also set wallpapers to you incoming calls according to their preference in your mind, try to use your favorite moments as wallpapers.

Privacy screen feature is also available in this Couchgram incoming call lock, use this feature to hide others to see your screen, this is just a simple trick just give low brightness to the incoming callers manually.

Permission required

  1. Contacts: Permission required for Incoming Call Lock
  2. Device & App history: Permission required for App-LockPhone: Permission required for Auto Deleting Call Log
  3. Phone: Permission required for Auto Deleting Call Log
  4. Identity: Permission required for installing App
  5. Contacts: Permission required for Incoming Call Lock
  6. SMS: Permission required for switching to instant messaging during a call
  7. Photos/Media/Files: Permission required for using Photo Gallery as Incoming Call and App Lock Wallpapers
  8. Storage: Permission for using App Lock Wallpapers.

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